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1851 Census

This page analyses the returns of the 1851 census for Terrington and Ganthorpe under the following headings:

Overall numbers

Total number of people: 738

Made up of: Terrington 627 (including 31 in Mowthorpe and 33 in Wiganthorpe), Ganthorpe 111

Number of households: Terrington 133, Ganthorpe 25

By gender: Male 366, Female 372

Captioned photograph
Numbers in Terrington village and in hamlets in the 1851 census
Captioned photograph
Gender distribution in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census

Most common names

Most common surnames: Goodwill 9 households, Smith 5, Mortimer 4, Goodrick 4, then Tate, Hall, Waite, Lister, Jackson, Marton, Nash 3 each.

Most common girls' names: Ann 70 individuals (19% of females), Mary 58, Elizabeth 45, Jane 42, Hannah 36, Sarah 25, Ellen 16.

Most common boys' names: William 70 individuals (20% of males), John 65, Thomas 50, George 37, Robert 34, James 25, Richard 13, Francis 10.

Age distribution of the population

The first graph below shows the age distribution in Terrington and Ganthorpe in the 1851 census compared with the current UK age distribution. The numbers will be affected by changing birth rates, but assuming these are fairly constant, we see that in 1851 the fall-off in numbers occurs throughout the age range, whereas in 2019 the fall-off only gets going much later. Interestingly, in 1851 the numbers in the age ranges 0-4 and 5-9 are very similar, showing no evidence of significant child mortality.

The second graph compares the age distribution of males and females in 1851. We might expect, for example, to see some effect of death resulting from child-birth. There is no evidence for this; in fact there is a dip in the number of males in their 20s. This may just be a statistical glitch or may be due to a net movement of males in this age group away from the parish for some reason.

Captioned photograph
Age distribution in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census compared to the UK in 2019
Captioned photograph
Age distribution of males and females in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census

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Age distribution in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census compared to whole UK population in 2019:

AgeNumber%UK 2019

Comparison of Age distributions of males and females in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census:

AgeNumber%UK 2019

Median age (Terrington 1851): 35

UK median age (2019): 40.3


This graph shows the number of people in different occupations. A large number have no occupation specified (these are ones where the entry is blank or given as 'At home', 'Pauper', 'Annuitant' or 'Retired'). The Agriculture category includes farmers, farmers' families, and agricultural labourers. The Services category includes those providing public (eg shopkeepers) and private (eg housemaids) service. All the categories are broken down later.

Captioned photograph
Occupations in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census
CategoryNumber of people
No occupation specified (entry is blank or given as 'At home', 'Pauper', 'Annuitant' or 'Retired')266
Agriculture (includes farmers, farmers' families, and agricultural labourers)184
Services (includes those providing public, eg shopkeepers, and private, eg housemaids, service85

Each of these 7 categories is broken down in the following sections.

1. No occupation specified (266 people)

Sub-categoryNumber of people
Occupation left blank191
At home47
Pauper (no other occupation given)3

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Occupation left blank (191 people)

Age rangeNumber of people
15 and over108 (all female)

Occupation given as 'At home' (47 people)

Age rangeNumber of people
15 and over28 (21 female, 7 male – males all unmarried, ages 16-30)

Occupation given as Pauper (12 people in total 3 of whom have no other occupation)

84MAg Pauper
79FAg Pauper
72MAg Pauper
70FAg Pauper
63FAg Pauper
60MAg Lab Pauper
47FTailor Pauper
42FAg Pauper
15MAg Pauper

Occupation given as Annuitant (23 people - one says formerly Ag lab)

Age rangeNumber of people
Below 506
70 and over10

Retired (2 people)

Retired linen draper: James Bickers.
Retired Farmer: Thomas Leefe of Terrington

2. Scholars (142 people)

The graph show the ages of the scholars, which range from 3 to 18, with a peak at age 9. The graph perhaps indicates that the length of time that children spent at school was quite variable.

Captioned photograph
Age distribution of scholars in Terrington & Ganthorpe in 1851 census

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AgeNumber of scholars

3. Agriculture (184 people)

Sub-categoryNumber of people
Farmers and bailiffs25
Farmer's family members10
Agricultural labourers149

Farmers (23) and Bailiffs (2) (with acreage and number of labourers):

Thomas Freer3403
Elizabeth Bradshaw3003
Jane Beedle29-
Thomas Swann1303
Henry Stors1343
John Mortimer1172
John Ellerby1154
Mary Mortimer1152 and 1 boy
Phineas Marton1143
Jane Hardy1103
Gregory Hessell1003
Robert Moore782
John Swann70/80?2
William Blenkarn602
Jonathan Hickes401
John Whitfield331
Aaron Walker (Bailiff)323
John Jackson22-
Hannah Newlove4 of pasture-
Thomas Bickers1904
Charles Tate1503
Sarah Tate802
Charles Tate771
Richard Mason (Bailiff)30018
Jules? Smith2625

In addition there are 5 farmer's daughters, 4 farmer's sons and 1 farmer's wife.

The total number of labourers and boys specified by the farmers is 74, although the total number of agricultural labourers in 149. Does that mean that only half are permanently employed, with the rest taken on as needed?

Bailiff Richard Mason has a large number of employees for the acreage given. This perhaps needs explanation.

The 149 agricultural labourers are actually given as follows:

Sub-categoryNumber of people
Ag Lab87
Ag Lab pauper8
Ag Lab wife6
Farm Boy1
Farm Lab15
Farm servant29
Shepherd's wife1
Wood labourer1

4. Gardening (6 people)

Sub-categoryNumber of people
Garden labourer3
Gardener’s wife1
Gardener's apprentice1

5. Trades (45 people)

All are in Terrington unless stated to be in Ganthorpe.

In some cases occupation is given as someone's wife (eg Basket maker's wife); assuming that this means that she is involved in the work, she is included in the numbers, this being noted in the table below.

Sometimes the occupation is given as journeyman or apprentice - details are given if you show the names.

Sub-categoryNumber of peopleComment
Basket makers3includes a wife
Smiths6includes a wife
Carpenters and Joiners6
Stone Mason/Mason51 in Ganthorpe
Tile maker1in Ganthorpe
Plumber & Glazier1
Dressmaker72 in Ganthorpe
Milliner1in Ganthorpe
Shoemaker101 in Ganthorpe

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Basket makers (3 - all in Terrington):
Basket Maker: James Late
Basket Maker Journeyman: John Harrison
Basket Maker’s wife: Mary Late

Smiths (6 - all in Terrington):
Blacksmith: David Smith
Blacksmith Journeyman: John Firbank
Blacksmith’s wife: Hannah Firbank
Smith and farrier: Joseph Roberts
Smith apprentice: John Pilmoor, George Waterman

Carpenters and Joiners (6 - all Terrington):
Carpenter: Thomas Goodrich, William Goodrich, James Goodwill, William Goodwill
Carpenter’s apprentice: George Goodrick
Joiner: Ralph Campleman

Stone Masons/Masons (5):
John Nash (Ganthorpe)
William Nash, Francis Oldfield, James Oldfield, William Oldfield (Terrington)

Tile maker: George Horsman (Ganthorpe)

Plumber & Glazier: Thomas Cordtous (Terrington)

Tailors (5 - all Terrington):
Tailor: Francis Arnell, George Butler, George Goodwill
Tailor Apprentice: Thomas Arnell
Tailor pauper: Esther Arnell

Dressmakers (7):
Ellen Goodwill, Hannah Horsman (Ganthorpe)
Mary Blanshard, Hannah Hall, Jane Holliday, Hannah Martimer, Ellen Steward (Terrington)

Milliner: Elizabeth Ibbotson (Ganthorpe)

Shoemakers (10):
George Shepherd (Ganthorpe)
Uriah Agar, Robert Calvert, Charles Gage, William Goodwill, Thomas Marton (Terrington)

Shoe Maker Apprentice: George Goodwill

Shoe Maker Journeyman: Robert Agar, Thomas Clifford, Alfred Lollin

6. Services (85)

Sub-categoryNumber of peopleComment
Carrier4includes a wife
Errand boy2
Victualler/Inn keeper4includes a wife
Letter receiver1

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Carriers (4)
Carrier: John Holliday, William Lacy, William Young
Carrier’s wife: Sarah Lacy

Errand boys (2)
Jacob Potter, Robert Wood

Grocers (4)
John Rhodes, John Nash, Jane Heart, Ann Goodwill

Butchers (2)
Henry Hood, William Moore

Maltster: John Oldfield

Victualler & Inn Keepers (4)
Victualler: Richard Hicks, William Hawkins
Inn Keeper: John Harsley
Inn Keeper’s wife: Elizabeth Harsley

Letter receiver: Elizabeth Dobson

Servants (67, not including farm servants)

OccupationNumber of people
House Keeper9
House Maid1
Kitchen Maid1
Laundry Maid1
Lady’s Maid2
Groom's wife1
House servant38

Houses with the most servants:

Rectory 9

Wiganthorpe Hall 12

7. Other occupations (10)

Landed Proprietors: William Garforth (Wiganthorpe Hall), John Potter (Cliff Hall/The Lodge)

Botanist: Henry Ibbotson, Ganthorpe

School masters/mistresses: Frances Brearly, Ganthorpe; Robert Dobson, Ann Dixon, Terrington

Rector of Terrington: Charles Hall

Minister of the Primitive Methodists: Charles Smith

Police Officer: James Bilton

Gamekeeper: John Hall

Youngest and oldest workers

The following lists show the youngest workers, starting with a farm boy aged 10, and the oldest workers, showing people who still said they were agricultural labourers up to age 80.

Youngest workers (other than Scholar):

10MFarm Boy
10FFarmer daughter
11MAg Labourer
12FFarmer's daughter
12MFarm lab
12MFarm servant
13MErrand boy
13MFarmer servant
14MFarm Lab
14FHouse servant
14MErrand boy
14FHouse servant
14MFarm lab

Occupations of oldest people (aged 75 or more):

88FFarmer - occupies 4 acres of grassland
84MAnnuitant formerly Ag Lab
84MAg Pauper
84FHouse Keeper
80MAg Lab
80MAg Lab
79MAg Lab
79FAg Pauper
79MAgricultural Labourer
77MAg lab
76MAg Lab

Place of birth

Captioned photograph
Place of birth of people in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census
Where bornNumber%
Within the parish43058.3
Yorkshire adjacent parishes*699.3
Yorkshire next nearest parishes**334.5
Yorkshire beyond16422.2
Yorkshire unspecified70.9
England outside Yorkshire293.9
Outside England30.4
Illegible or blank30.4

Outside England: New York, Lower Canada, Ireland, 1 each.

*Adjacent parishes: Airy Holme, Baxtonhowe, Bulmer, Coneysthorpe, Coulton, Hovingham, Scackleton, School House Hill, Sheriff Hutton, Skewsby, Slingsby, Stittenham, Swathgill, Welburn, Whenby.

**Next nearest parishes: Amotherby, Appleton-le-Street, Barton-le-Street, Cawton, Farlington, Flaxton, Huttons Ambo, Lilling, Nunnington, Stearsby, Stonegrave, Swinton, Thornton le Clay, Whitwell.

Marital status

The numbers of married, widowed and unmarried people are shown in the next table.

Marital statusNumber of people
Unmarried under 21325
Married under 212
Unmarried 21 and over118
Married 21 and over235
Widowed58 (38 women and 20 men, youngest aged 24)

Youngest married person: 1 person aged 19.

Oldest married couple: Richard and Ellen Goodwill, both aged 74.

The percentage of people in each age group who were or had been married (ie were married or widowed at the time of the census) was as follows:

Age rangeNumber married or widowedTotal numberPercentage married or widowed
20 - 24115122%
25 - 29224549%
30 - 34285056%
35 - 39415279%
40 - 44343987%
45 - 49273187%
50 or over13114889%

These figures seem to imply that marriage started at about age 20 and continued in significant numbers through the 20s and 30s.

The birth locations of marriage partners shows that the majority of people married outside of their birth parish.

Captioned photograph
Birth locations of married couples in Terrington & Ganthorpe in the 1851 census
Where partners bornNumber of couples
Both born in the parish12
One born in parish and one outside59
Both born outside of the parish31
Not given or illegible6

These figures seem to indicate that about 1 person in 6 who married, married someone within the parish.

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