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Millennium photographs (2000)

In 2000, members of Terrington Arts embarked on a project to make a record of the village, as James Wimbush had done in 1933. For more information see the Millenium Project page on the Terrington Arts website.

These pages show the photographs of those who agreed to have them put on to a website. Several of the residents on the Wimbush photographs also appear in the 2000 photographs.

Photos are organised in name order over a number of pages. Some people appear in photos under a different name from their own - to see a list of these click here: Show the list ... Hide the list

NameSee under
Adkins KeithHanstock Jane
Arnold MarkBrown E
Barker BobJohnson
Boak JohnScaling
Bond WendyPiercy
Bradbury Sue, Billie, Xal, MaxTin
Bradley ElizabethTerrington Surgery
Chapman ClareTerrington Surgery
Clark EllieSmith, S
Cunningham RuthEdwards
Dutton MelanieGooder
Farghar SaraTerrington Surgery
Foster Helen, Sophie, BethanyTodd
Goldthorpe MurielHetherton
Goodwin JackiePerkins
Hayton TessaTerrington Stores
Haywood LynnTerrington Surgery
Hughes ShelleyTerrington Tea Room
Matthews Sally, Lewis, FrankEdwards
McDonald JamieSmith, S
McLoughlin CorinaSaxby
Millson DorisDimond
O'Donoghue AngelaWhite
Pickersgill TomHoggard
Pillow KathTerrington Surgery
Rich HayleyHartas G
Skinner BruceMackereth
Smith KatieQuill
Thompson SylviaJeffrey
Thompson JulieLynch
Tipping MichelleCoatsworth
Wager SusieDevaney
Wright BelindaSurgery
Woodger GabrielRobinson

Surnames: A‑B | C‑D | E‑F‑G | H | J‑K‑L‑M | N‑P‑Q‑R‑S | T | W‑Y

Captioned photograph
Rosemary Austin
Captioned photograph
Mike and Anita Barber
Captioned photograph
Peter and Margaret Barber
Captioned photograph
Andrew and Jennifer Barker with daughter Leah
Captioned photograph
Fred Barker
Captioned photograph
Peter and Ruth Barker
Captioned photograph
Sally and Michael Beausang with sons Josh and Troy
Captioned photograph
Christine and Jeffrey Bevan
Captioned photograph
Mike and Sue Blunt
Captioned photograph
Alison and Michael Booth
Captioned photograph
Clive Bowers
Captioned photograph
Dave and Kathy Bowring with their children Peter, Mary and Ceri
Captioned photograph
Rita Brackup
Captioned photograph
Christopher and Wendy Bradbury
Captioned photograph
Elizabeth and Richard Bradley with their children Johanna, James and Jennifer
Captioned photograph
Colin and Liz Bradshaw with their children David and Lisa
Captioned photograph
Gerry and Lesley Bradshaw
Captioned photograph
Mrs Verna Bradshaw
Captioned photograph
Mollie Brough
Captioned photograph
Euisa Brown and Mark Arnold
Captioned photograph
Noelle Burrell
Captioned photograph
Diana Buttle

Surnames: A‑B | C‑D | E‑F‑G | H | J‑K‑L‑M | N‑P‑Q‑R‑S | T | W‑Y

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