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Ganthorpe Hall

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Ganthorpe Hall

Ganthorpe Hall, or House as it was called until 1933, took on its present form in the C18th. It seems at times to have been used by the Carlisles to accommodate senior members of the Castle Howard staff. Richard Spruce, father of botanist and explorer Richard Spruce, and schoolmaster in Ganthorpe and Welburn, probably lived in the house from 1826 to 1841 and at times the Earls’ land agents were accommodated there.

The last Earl and Countess of Carlisle to own Castle Howard were George Howard, the 9th Earl and his wife, Lady Rosalind Carlisle. He gave Ganthorpe House to his eldest daughter, Lady Mary, upon her marriage on 30 October 1889 to Gilbert Murray . They did not go to live there though and over a number of years it was let to various of tenants. Already living there before ownership passed to Lady Mary were Mr Henry John Fraser and his wife Annie and the Fraser family remained there until at least 1913.

Today the house is lived in by descendants of Lady Mary and Gilbert Murray.

[We are currently researching the history and inhabitants of Terrington House/Hall and more will be posted here in due course.]

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