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Key periods in the history of Terrington

At certain periods the village has been particularly affected by outside events and trends. This page is intended to tell stories from these periods.

Enclosure of the Open fields in 1779

The open fields were enclosed in 1779. This would have caused considerable and permanent changes in the village. See the Enclosure of the Open Fields page for details of the enabling Act of Parliament of 1772 and the Commissioners' Award of 1779.

The agricultural depression and emigration in the later 19th century

The 1912 Yorkshire Gazette article 60 years ago and now describes some of the changes that the village had undergone over the previous half century or so.

World War 1

The World War 1 Roll of Honour in the church shows a large number of men associated with the village were on active service during World War 1. For more information see the War Memorials page.

World War 2

As well as information on the War Memorials page, there are stories of the war years recalled by some of our residents in the oral history recordings of Edwin Cooke and John Goodwill.

The covid epidemic

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